Allinson’s Photography Work Ethic and Service

professional product photographerWhat I Do and how I deliver commercial photography

Allinson’s Photography works across a wide range of diciplines including; Commercial, Advertising, PR, Architectural, Industrial, Products, Services, Property, Food, Events, Elevated photography, Fashion, etc.. and l use a wide range of skills, and over 30 years experience with photography and photographic equipment.

How we deliver a reliable photography service

Whether delivering complex advertising photography or the simplest of PR Photography our methodology and work ethic remains consistent.

The Photography Brief

Beginning with the brief, as it is only when everyone involved has a comprehensive understanding what is needed can we deliver an estimate or quotation.

While a creative/marketing professional or art director tends to provide a very full and comprehensive brief some of our direct customers with limited experience of buying photography need some support in this.

With all clients we offer an informal consultation or series of communications that can help build a brief. Sometimes developing a good brief can involve a sample test shot of a product or service to help everyone concerned better understand what I can delver and come to a better understanding of how photography can help the business/project.

Once Commissioned

From the smallest PR Photography Job to the largest of Catalogue shoots our work ethic remains the same.

The time spent on a job might be significantly different, the equipment used might differ and the imput/support from the client, (both creativly and finacialy) can be very different but my work ethic remains a constant regardless.

Following consultation and an agreement on the way to proceed including, times, costs and deadline etc. an email confirmation is all that I require to raise a job sheet and book in the work.

The Workflow

Once a job sheet is raised and the job is booked in the diary I will following the brief, or the Art Directors instruction on the job. As the work gets underway any requirement, or unexpected preference to deviate from the brief is always discussed in full with the client before proceeding.

Professional view camera photographyThe Equipment

View Camera Photographer

Cambo Ultima 35D at work

We shoot with the right equipment for the job in hand:

A View Camera is used in the studio for products, food and other commercial or advertising work as well as out on location for architectiual photography and some high end advertising work. This is the only way to achieve precision control of focus and perspective. A view camera delivers compositions that are just not possible in camera with a DSLR. Our Nikon D800e can be used in place of 5×4 film and delivers superb results with the view camera for a fraction of the cost of film.

A Medium Format, FX or DX DSLR is used for almost everything else, anything that has no need of a view camera including; PR, sports, events, fashion, Advertising etc.

I have a good range of lighting solutions on hand including studio flash heads and modifiers to use in the studio and on location.

Digital Files Workflow and Processing

At all times I shoot RAW to a CF card and small JPG’s to a Eyefi SD card. The JPG’s are transmited wirelessly as I shoot to an iPad or MacBook for imeadiate review by myself or the client. All processing/post production work is in house using a well thought out workflow with Adobe CC. batch work is handled in Lightroom while more complex work is done with PhotoShop. RAW files are archived while the finished files are backed up to hard drives and sent to the client via WeTransfer, (as medium size, (less than 5mb) and original size files), posted to a private gallery on our Galleries website and if requested  they can be sent out on a DVD.

Professional Food PhotographerInvoicing photography services and what you have bought

Terms and Conditions can be confusing and while they do a great job at protecting the photographer and the client in law, in the real world I have never yet needed to refer or quote them. I believe this is due to my professional work ethic and a workflow that understands the clients requirements and has provided us with repeat business and referrals for decades.

What you really need to know when purchasing from Allinson’s Photography

  • I’m very happy to “pencil” work into the diary so you can change times and details without incurring cancelation fees, I understand this flexibility can be essential when trying to pull several peoples diaries together.
  • If a job runs over by a few minutes, or even 20 minutes I do not charge for another hour or indeed anything extra at all.
  • Generally I only invoice when the job is delivered and you have the photography you require in hand.
  • The copyright remains with the photographer what you are purchasing when buying commissioned photography is a licence for use, (this is standard practice). That said our standard licence for use is more extensive and inclusive than most
  • As a commissioned commercial photographer, (not a freelance photographer) my business is about selling; my time, skills and experience. it is NOT about repeatedly selling individual images! Because of this your licence for use unless otherwise stated is indefinite commercial use within your business, (This was at one time standard practice in the UK, but from what my clients tell me this is no longer the case with many photographers looking to get paid every time an image is used, the way a freelance photographer would).
  • Quotations and estimates usually include; batch processing of files and some photoshop work that is often about the same time as that spent on the photography itself, it also includes travel up to 30 miles from our address. Quotes will not normally include; out of pocket expences such as car parking, or additional services and materials such as film, prop hire, set building, models etc. unless otherwise stated.

I hope this helps you better understand our work ethic at Allinson’s Photography and due process of delivering professional photography.

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