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Demand for our PR Photography is stronger than ever

As well as our usual clients in marketing and banking etc. 2016 has seen more clients and many more new clientele turn to Allinson’s to deliver professional PR Photography.

As qualified professional commercial photographers I’m quite sure we do not have the lowest fees for PR Photography but leading brands still turn to Allinson’s Photography repeatedly for their PR photographer. I think they feel it more important to get a higher quality of brand exposure than to save £30 here and there.

PR photograph of Wayne Hemingway at Dunston Staiths Gateshead

With more resources on hand at Allinson’s Photography we are in the perfect position to deliver more photography across all disciplines and styles. The photograph above of Wayne Hemingway taken by leading advertising and fashion photographer Kevin Radcliffe is just such an example of these resources.

CF159031]This year has seen us working more closely with Kevin and we have already established an informal calibration between Radcliffe Photography and Allinson’s Photography. Working cooperatively we can both take on more work and deliver more professional photography from one huge pool of resources, skills, experience and equipment, (more on this in and how it has come about in future posts).

Bring Commercial Photography skills to your PR

PR Photography at North East Muffin Break Coffee Shop Tyne and WearPR Photography at Gateshead Tyne and WearWhy wouldn’t you want to bring the creative and technical talent and skills of commercial photographers to your PR Photography?

Isn’t it any wonder this service is proving so popular with clients old and new wanting great photographic coverage of everything from the launch events of new Asda and KFC stores to small motorcycle clubs fundraising for charities.

And yes, of course we always still manage to capture the usual PR presentations and handshakes should your picture editors not want to get too creative!



Allinson’s Photography mid year update 2016

5 months since our last blog post! It’s embarrassing but this year has been so very busy there has just not been the time. In many ways this a good thing I’m sure you will agree but I do like to keep clients and friends updated on what happens here at Allinson’s Photography.

Newcastle uopn Tyne Architectural Photographer

City Centre Architectural Photography Newcastle upon Tyne

Great Start to 2016

What a fantastic 7 months 2016 has we given us, delivering some great photography to clients old and new.

So here we go with a short string of new posts. I’ll try to keep them concise where I can and keep it easy reading.

technical view camera at work in Newcastle upon TyneLet’s start with Nichola Kitching, a budding young and talented photographer who spent some time on placement with us over the winter months.

Here is Nichola is getting to grips with the technical view camera working as our most recent Architectural Photographer (with a few pointers from me) to photograph a new hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre. Well if your going to photograph a building you might as well learn how to use the right camera for the job, even if it is a bit tall for you.

Nichola left us a while back now but she was skilled and hardworking, the clients loved her and many still ask after her. Anyone looking to employ a young honest hardworking individual should look her up.

We have been out shooting more buildings than ever, and more products, we have a whole host of new resources new equipment and new studio space available. More of that news in the next few posts I promise.

2016 elevated photography

Elevated photography for estate agents

This year the 53ft mast has been very popular but with a shift in the work from commercial premises and land to domestic housing being sold by local Estate Agents.

I’m reasonably sure that no one else in the area is using a mast together with the high resolution of a 36mp fx camera.

elevated photographs of houses by Allinsons PhotographyWith the increased volume of work we have decided to invest further in this equipment. With a spend securing another £3.5k’s worth of gear our mast is now hydraulic making it easier to lift and we now tether to the camera and remote pan tilt head wirelessly using a new cam ranger and iPad.

This investment bringing speed and ease of use to our elevated photography helps keep our fees well within reach of the average house seller.

Architectural Photography from Allinsons Photography

Winter Architectural Photography

The Challenge of photographing Architecture in the Winter Months

For many reasons Architectural Photography in the UK is most defiantly something for the Summer.

Please click the Adobe Slate Storey below (the heading and photograph) for a brief look of the Architectural photography we have been delivering for our clients around the North East this winter and the challenges it brings.

Architectural Photography January 2016

For more information about all the commercial photography services delivered by qualified professional photographers at Allinson’s Photography please take a look around the website the website and portfolios online. For more news and updates please follow and subscribe to our blog posts on the website.

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