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See the whole picture

Elevated photography shows; the property, the location and the surrounding area at a glance!

Elevated Photography was a new professional service for Allinson’s Photography in 2013 and we are very excited about the many different and diverse uses our clients have for it.

It can often be huge advantage to shoot from 30 to 50 feet off the ground please take time to read through just some of the areas where we feel that Elevated Photography can help you and your business, or get in touch today to chat about your ideas and requirements.

Ground Level View

Elevated View

Landscape Architecture Photography

Using an elevated view of a large landscaped area makes it easier to get the measure of the depth or distance in the photograph. You will also be able to make out the design features and details of the landscape that were impossible to see from ground level without changing position and making several different exposures.

In just one elevated view you will be able to distinguish the shape of the footpaths, lakes, designated areas, etc. that from ground level you will never see in just the one view or photograph.

One simple elevated photograph illustrates can show every design feature within a landscape. Call me today to discuss how much better your parkland, rural and urban landscapes can look with our elevated photography and without the cost of helicopter, drone, or cherry picker hire.

Ariel Photography Alternative

Have you ever wished there was a simpler, faster and more economical way to get a different view of a property, a photograph that told the whole story in one frame? Something like; Google Earth but not so flat and fuzzy, like Ariel Photography but affordable and closer in, with more detail?

Not better than Drone Photography but different

Drones are costly to hire with a Civil Aviation Authority licensed operator and come with a lot of restrictions as to where you can fly them, not so with a mast.

Also due to the weight most drones only have a small lightweight  camera that shoots great video but only delivers a medium resolution still photograph from a small image sensor. Only the most expensive of drone services can lift the huge studio quality 36mp or larger camera that can be used on our photography mast when needed.

Drone Photography

The Drones are currently very popular with video and film makers but as a photographer of still images I have focused our effort and investment on a simpler solution that is more affordable for our clients and allows us to deliver the same high standard of all our photography and at a higher resolution when needed.

Drones do not replace elevated Mast Photography or Ariel Photography they offer you something different in a different price bracket, usually more costly than a mast and cheaper than a helicopter. While a mast is the easiest and cheapest solution to elevated stills photography, If you need to put a camera below 500 feet where you can not access the ground on foot or with a car, (over a body of water for example) a done is solution.

20141203-800_0772Mast Photography

Mast photography is little more than a 50ft tripod, (though not as steady) an uncomplicated and low maintenance solution that is very effective at what it can do and a cost effective solution for good quality elevated photographs.

Our Elevated photography rig is just perfect with no additional equipment hire such as cherry pickers to help us get a birds eye view. The examples on this page show just how much more information can be viewed in one single photograph when compared to the usual ground level view of the same property.

Professional Elevated Photography is perfect for those times you need to show the whole picture. This is the perfect solution for many projects.

Selling a large property? Elevated photography will capture a buyers attention showing so much more, if not all, of the property at a glance. Even with smaller properties an elevated view is a great tool that allows you to show off the surrounding area. See the proximity of a school, shops, countryside, parks or local landmarks all in one photograph.

Developing a property or site? Elevated photography makes those planning discussions and meetings so much easier when you have the whole picture right in front of you in the meeting.

Proud of your property and business? Elevated Photography shows a view of your property that will always catch the interest of your customers and visitors and will look fantastic both in the brochure on the website and on the wall of your reception or your clients business, garage, pub, hotel, factory, home, farm, park, visitors centre, tourist attraction, etc.

mast photography and ariel photography views from 50 footIt is Time to buy something different

Call me today to discuss how we can bring something different to your business presentation with Elevated Photography now would be a great time to get a shot of your clients fleet of vehicles and what about that staff and and office photography for the annual report? You can now show all the staff and the office block all in the same elevated photograph!

Mast Photography – great for panoramic views.

Give this panaramic image a click let it load and zoom in to full size to scroll around for a good look.

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