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AP Loyalty AppOur Loyalty App by Loyalzoo

Let me introduce you to Allinson’s Photography loyalty points and rewards scheme.

Let me tell you how easy it is to collect and redeem points for discounted photography services or gifts for your business to help you at work. Alternatively you can talk to us about how to gift your points to Charities and Good Causes.

Begin Collecting Loyalty points

Points are given out and distributed by Allinson’s Photography in the form of a “Kiwi”. A Kiwi code is a short URL with a points value. To begin collecting points simply type your Kiwi into any web browser on your computer or smartphone and follow the instructions on screen.

Try it now with this Kiwi code worth 50 points: lzoo.kiwi/06XER

Get rewards with loyalty app

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  • Simple, one-step sign up
    When you first open the app you will not be asked to enter personal details. A name will do! No password, no telephone number, no agreements to accept. You can also sign in using Facebook.
  • Works on every phone
    Unlike many of its competitors, Loyalzoo works on most smartphones: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, you name it. Just type app.loyalzoo.com in your mobile browser and download the free app.


Where to find your “Kiwi’s”, (points codes)

If you have purchased a qualifying service from Allinson’s Photography you will find a Kiwi on the emailed remittance you received following your payment.

Your Kiwi will deliver up to 1 point for every £2 spent on all full rate photography services (not including materials, props, models, or expenses etc.)

There will be other ways to pick up or earn Kiwi’s. Look out for them in our newsletter blogposts on the website and other posts across social networks. We might send them out at Christmas, or if we see you sharing our posts etc across social networks.

What to do with your points

Rewards for your business, your clients, or yourself:

Our fantastic App from Loyalzoo, (available in your browser and on your smartphone App) will keep track of your points collection for you and keep you up to date with all the current offers and rewards available.

When you have saved enough points for the discount or gift you want, it is easy to redeem your points within the App.

Rewards for your chosen Good Cause:

If, for whatever reason, you or your company are not happy collecting the rewards you can still collect points without a direct benefit to your or your business.

Speak to us and we can talk about collecting points for your chosen charity or good cause who can collect the benefits in services or gifts from your points. If it’s for a UK registered charity we would even consider donating a cash equivalent direct to the organisation on your behalf.

Getting Started

You can of course get started collecting points by booking a job and waiting for your first Kiwi to arrive after payment. But, I would like you to get registered, get collecting and have a look around our new App from Loyalzoo TODAY.

So, here is a that 50 point Kiwi for you to use right now!


Drop the Kiwi, (it’s a short URL) into a browser on your computer or smartphone and get registered and get started Now!

Better still this Kiwi contains more than a couple of points. You will get 50 points for it when you register. That’s 50 points to save or your can redeem 45 points straight away as a discount on our photography service.


A quick Thank Youloyalzoo-logo-tm

I’d just like to quickly thank Loyalzoo for taking the time to work with us in developing their systems to work specifically within a photography business. If any of our clients are looking for a similar solution I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Terms and Conditions

This all new to us, Loyalzoo are continuing to work with us to develop this App for photographers and other service industry providers. As such in the near future we will be drawing up appropriate terms and conditions. Meanwhile as we ask you to work with us and help us Beta test our new Loyalty points App and system.

So, while we test the system I’m sure you will understand that our terms and conditions are: “While we endeavour to fulfil any and all promises made, we do reserve the right to change anything at any time”.

In this development stage we welcome any and all comments and criticism from clients and friends that could help develop this scheme, our App and of course our terms and conditions.

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