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I wanted to bring the precision and control of our large format photography to more people including new clients without the big budgets required for film and materials!

Following a lot of research I decided last month to invest in this incredibly versatile and adaptable “view camera” from Cambo. The modular design of this camera will allow Allinson’s Photography to offer customers with ever decreasing budgets a greater range of professional solutions at reduced costs without compromise.

So, let me tell you more about the latest investment I have made on behalf of you, our clients

For less than £5K this Cambo Ultima II system offers a truly modular solution and brings the same precise image control usually reserved for our large format cameras to the sensor of our Nikon D800E.

When it comes to delivering precision and perfection as a product photographer, architectural photographer, or advertising photographer, like many leading professionals I have continue to use a large format view cameras whenever we can. Only a view camera is capable of delivering the full range movements required on both the lens and film/sensor planes, anything else being compromise of sorts.

As a professional photographer you always want the most precise focusing, perspective control you can put your hands to. Our investment in this camera system not only delivers all this as a standard studio 5×4 view camera but also adapts to give our Nikon DSLR’s  the same full range of image and perspective control movements.

The many functions and applications of a view camera offer your photographer the widest range of creative possibilities

professional photography delivered with the precision of a digital view camera

The view camera, (or “old fashioned” camera as some of our less informed friends call it, because it has a bellows they think it’s outdated) has always been an essential part of my equipment arsenal, for over 30 years I have used Sinar cameras with a selection of quality Schneider or Rodenstock lenses. While advances in digital cameras together with the expense of film make it more and more difficult for many clients to justify the cost of this photographic process, the precision and control a view camera delivers remains very desirable and at the top of many Creative Directors lists.

With the View Camera, “Perspective and sharpness”, (two of our most important creative tools) are controlled and evaluated directly in the camera. As well as having the ultimate control at the very source of our photographs many subsequent computer manipulations together with the visible loss of quality they bring, are no longer required.

Clients who appreciate or need the best quality delivered by this type of camera continue to appreciate these high standard of images enough to budget for the ever increasing costs that come with large format film, a format that continues to outperforming digital sensors. However with the cost of large format film approaching £45 for each shot this level of quality and precision soon becomes un affordable when photographing any more than one or two products or buildings etc. This combination of the traditional view camera and the modern Nikon DSLR by a long standing expert camera maker like Cambo allows us to use their Ultima II 35D to deliver, (without compromise) the precision and control of any view camera with the zero material costs of the digital camera. The modular system means that within a moment the same camera is Converted to the Ultima II 45D and we are back using film and the addition depth of colour and richness that comes with it for that one off special “Hero Shot” you want for the front cover or billboard ad.

professional studio cameraStudio Camera control with a Digital Camera budget

Always one to help our clients businesses with all things, (including meeting budgets without compromising quality) has lead me to our most recent investment at Allinson’s Photography. The Cambo Ultima II 45D, for continued work with 5×4 film and the additional Cambo Ultima II 35D conversion kit to deliver a more cost efficient alternative when used with our Nikon DSLR bodies.

This large format View Camera is incredible, delivering all the features and quality of photography we have come to expect from any large format camera and much more.

The “D” in the name stands for digital of course. However, what it refers to is not a sensor but the micrometer style precision built in to all its movements allowing this view camera, (Cambo Ultima II 35D) to work with smaller full frame sensors in our modern Nikon Cameras. The otherwise exaggerated movements, (with this small Full Frame format) can still be managed with all the precision and accuracy of any large format camera.

With this new investment for our clients we can continue to deliver the same precision photography we always have while eliminating the expense of large format film instead using more economical solution of a making a Nikon digital camera an integral part of this versatile modular camera.

While the Ultima II will allow us to deliver a film solution for those who need it we will not compromise the quality of any of the digital images we deliver. With this new digital solution we will be using the same incredible Nikon D800E.

The D800E uses a Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor (35.9 x 24.0 mm) with 36.3 effective megapixels and It renders texture, nuances and details equivalent to those a high-end medium format camera delivers.

If your still unsure of the advantages a view camera can bring to your images and your business give me, (Bruce Allinson) a call I’d be delighted to talk with you further on this. Meanwhile, here is a short bulleted summery that might help.

The Advantages of Swings, Tilts and Shifts

  • Manipulation, adjustment and correction of perspectives in camera
  • Enhanced creativity by control of perspective in camera
  • Correct proportions from every camera position
  • Sharpness gradient and selective sharpness or unsharpness
  • Selective definition of the depth of field and the area of sharpness
  • Correct proportions and undistorted angles
  • Subsequent software corrections of image distortions are eliminated
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