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I have recently been working to further my own personal development in photography and within my photography business, (it’s never to late you know).

After 25 years of developing my business, maybe it’s time to re visit some personal development, it takes more than just experience to stay on top of your game.

Today, my most recent efforts came to a conclusion, when this morning, (8/9/15) I made a visit to BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) in Buckinghamshire with a qualification submission I have been working on and I’m very pleased to say I did not come away disappointed.

The successful submission can be seen as a whole in the Blurb book below use the “view FullScreen” button for a good look.

I’d be delighted if you could take a moment for a read or even a quick flick through. It’s not just a body of work but it also holds information around my workflow and methodology as well as some history of my skills and experience that could be of interest.

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