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It is amazing what you can do with a smart phone these days.

I bet someone has told you, at some time that; as part of promoting your business website and gaining traffic with a higher position in Google organic search results you should have YouTube videos with your website URL in the description. No? Well you should!

Cant stretch to the cost of a professional videographer just yet and have no idea where to start?

Well you could use some of the great photography you already bought from Allinson’s Photography together with the Animoto iPhone app to make a short showcase video like the one shown here below.

Animoto is a free app that functions just fine with the FREE version but also has a low cost pro version available for more graphic choice and longer videos. Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone they have a website as well you can use as well

A few simple steps on my iPhone and I have my video of stills and text all animated and ready to go complete with sound track. I then just upload it to YouTube and make sure the YouTube video description starts with the full URL inc. “http://” of the page I want to promote

These video shorts are easy to make on your phone while sitting around and you can continue to share them across social networks to help promote your business.

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