A £5K investment in new lenses | Schneider Digitar

My latest investment of just under £5K’s worth of lenses was made on behalf of our clients today, as I continue to pursue the best possible photographic solutions for my clients businesses.

No less than two new Schneider lenses for use on the Cambo Ultima II 35D view camera have been ordered.

A new Schneider 28mm – f2.8 Digitar I have purchased this will of course give us a wider view and more compositional choices when using the Cambo Ultima II 35D view camera out in the field delivering professional architectural photography, landscape photography and even fashion photography using the precision selective focus do add depth or bring attention to specific details.

Just as exciting is a new Schneider 90mm – f4.5 Digitar that will give us better resolution, definition and sharpness when using a digital photography solution for Product Photography and other studio Photography with the View Camera (particularly the Nikon D800e).

Schneider Digitar wide-angle lenses meet high quality requirements concerning contrast and resolution, correction of distortion and absence of color fringes. At the same time, with an image circle of 60 to 110 mm they have capacity for adjustment, correction of perspective, “converging lines” as well as for depth of field control according to the Scheimpflug law as is to be expected of professional large format photography. Lenses designed for infinity lose sharpness and dis­tort when applied to higher magnifications approaching 1:4 (or higher). The Apo-Digitar M lenses have been optimized for a 1:1 reproduction ration, with excellent performance in the 1:4 to 4:1 range. This allows image quality at or beyond the limit of the performance of current high-resolution chip backs. more information and lens specifications can be found at – www.schneiderkreuznach.com

Source: Walker Cameras | Schneider 28mm – f2.8 Digitar L

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