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The first test shot, (at our front door) from a new mast that will bring a higher resolution to our elevated photographs.

November sees new investment in our elevated photography service.

Since I first started working with High Lux photography to deliver arial views or elevated photographs of locations and properties across the North East there has been a steady increase in demand  for the service.

Current demand has lead me to my latest investment in a £1.6k aluminium 50 foot mast complete with additional remote pan tilt head. This heavy duty mast can take the massive 36.5mp full frame resolving powers of our Nikon D800e to “new heights” (pardon the pun) giving our clients some of the highest resolution images available in this type work.

A wide range of clients find elevated photography brings a whole new perspective to property and locations. This cheaper and convenient alternative to aircraft and cherry picker hire delivers better quality and higher resolution images than the many drone services becoming available available providing more detail and depth to your photographs, or giving you the option to crop in on details and still have a very a high quality photograph.

Allinson’s elevated photography is perfect for bringing a unique angle on your advertising shoot with products, models, locations and of course property the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Contact us today to ask how this service can deliver something different for your clients or your business.


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