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Recent work as an Events Photographer

My job as a Professional Commercial Photographer over the last 30 years has been nothing if not diverse.

I do enjoy the multiple disciplines of my profession and delight in the fact that my business has come to excel in such a multitude photographic skills. A healthy mix of skills and experience I’m so often asked to exercise while delivering professional images for clients.

One day I can be photographing incredible architecture with a huge technical view camera, or setting the lighting just so on yet another product in a studio and the next day I’ll find myself ducking and diving around a sporting event with a small full frame camera and a section of fast lenses. Using all my knowledge and experience to predict the next bit of action or stop another pin sharp speeding motorcycle while the scenery is flying by.

nemcrc East Fortune Oct 2014-1887-Edit

Many of the “Events” I’m commissioned to photograph are of course presentations and seminars each with their own challenges and unique presence but it’s always interesting when asked to shoot something with a little more action.

October and November 2014 has been no different to any other month and in among the PR, Studio and location work I’ve enjoyed there has been some Event Photography! Specifically, Motorcycle Racing in Scotland with the NEMCRC (who I also support with sponsorship by way of providing a website etc.) and an exciting evening of Boxing in Newcastle upon Tyne for a regular client. Two very different types of sports photography each with their own unique difficulties and challenges.

nemcrc East Fortune Oct 2014-1717

Delivering skills across a full range of photography styles and disciplines together with an extensive knowledge of a vast range of equipment is what I do. Should you have an event sporting or otherwise that your business, club or client would like to be captured by a professional photographer with decades of experience across a whole range of photographic work then I’d love to here from you.

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