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NEMCRC at Croft Circuit

nemcrc motorcycle racing croft circuit 2014

March 29th and 30th saw our return to Croft Circuit to cover more exciting club racing from the North East Motorcycle Racing Club (NEMCRC) This was the opening meeting of the season for the club and the first motorcycle racing meeting of the year at Croft.

While photography is a “job” to us, (and we do expect to make wages when picking up a camera) for those of you who don’t know, we love to support and promote the Northen region whenever we can, this includes charities and sporting clubs.

The NEMRC is a not for profit organisation that holds 3-4 race meetings a year and Allinson’s Photography has been privileged and  delighted to support the club with some of their smaller expenses and costs such as the design and hosting of the website as well as posters and other advertising materials. I say small! The cost of putting on a single race meeting runs well into tens of thousands of pounds, I believe circuit hire alone for one weekend can be as much as £40K! So, holding these meeting is no small feat for a small group of volunteers.

You can find a full gallery of photographs from the day to browse or purchase in our gallery website here

lee longstaff racing at Croft

It’s great to be involved with local sporting clubs and to have the opportunity to work trackside with NEMCRC photographing local talent enjoying this exciting sport with a club that has quietly been giving us British Champions for over 50 years.

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