Shooting from the Ringside again

Sports photographer sunderland stadium of light

Lambton Street ABC at the Stadium of Light

They call it the Stadium of Light but not a lot of light was registering on my light meter as I set up my gear for another evening as a sports photographer covering some local boxing bouts.

The thing with boxing is it’s a fast sport demanding a fast shutter speed, that’s OK, but it’s also held in some very dark venues and for obvious reasons flash is not allowed. Despite some very fast lenses and the improved sensitivity of the modern digital DSLR it’s still takes a bit of experience and some thought on the part of the photographer to come away with a decent crop of photographs.

To be honest while Sunderland’s Stadium of Light was a bit compact around the ring it is possibly one of the brightest venues I’ve photographed boxing at. You can see event photography and more action sports photography in our Event Galleries here

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