Happy New Year for 2013 to clients friends and followers

Christmas party photography of dancingLet me take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2013.

So that was Christmas and what a fantastic Christmas it was with lots of fantastic Christmas parties to both attend and photograph with much singing drinking and dancing.

Some of you might have noticed this is the first blog post away from bruceallinson.com and I hope the first of many.

By posting directly on Allison’s Photography website I hope to keep the posts much more about professional photography, focusing on the work and offers that support our clients and local business. In other words “just photography” and not that strange mix of photography art and motorcycle posts.

I just wanted to say happy new year to anyone I had missed on the social networks etc. so I will keep this post nice and short.

Next time I’d like to tell you a little of what we have planned for 2013, its all very exciting with drive in studios and elevated photography.

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