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More Newcastle PR Photography for NatWest

NatWest Bank and Digital Survey at the Toffee Factory Newcastle for PR photographsWell I’m no expert in financial forecasts but it has been a delight to see more jobs come in as a result of capital investment or local businesses expanding.

As well as PR Photography across the North East region covering business refurbishments and expansions among other things, July saw a number jobs for our PR photographer from the banking sector.

It was a delight to work with Oxford based JJ Marketing and send a professional PR photographer to a number of locations in and around Newcastle to photograph investment and developments by local business that had been supported financially by NatWest bank. Above is a photograph of the Managing Director of Digital Surveys, the UK’s leading 3D data capture modelling provider, demonstrating a model for the new London Underground train to a NatWest adviser.

After more than 30 years in the photography business I would say with confidence that when business in our region is struggling PR photography is the first to go, even before cuts in advertising photography budgets, as companies run low on “good news”. The flip side of course is, as business picks up we see more interest in PR photography services as businesses, marketing and PR companies have an long stream of good news regarding expansion, new jobs and new businesses.

This month Allinson’s Photography has seen a persistent bombardment of calls and e mail from not only local PR firms but some of the biggest PR and Marketing agencies across the UK. I must admit it has been a delight to cover week after week of good news stories and be meeting CEO’s, Bank Mangers and staff all with smiling faces and a belief in their futures. Long may it continue.

If you believe professional PR Photography can contribute to the successes of your clients projects or your business then get in touch today to talk about how Allinson’s Photography can help.


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