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Sunderland PR PhotographerSmall PR Photography jobs with a big impact?

The continuing and increased investment by some of our clients into UK Businesses is keeping us busy with PR photography across the region and indeed across the country. It’s great to see such a divers range of businesses and hear all about their recent success and It’s a delight to be in a position to offer a professional service that can support them in this.

South Tyneside PR PhotographerEach shoot is only an hour or less

These might not be the biggest of the photography jobs we tackle but I sometimes feel that they might have the biggest impact especially when asked to photograph the launch of a new SME with a couple of new staff or even the development of larger firms recruiting for the new factory floor.

I feel sure PR Photography can often leave its mark on society

It’s just great that our photography can help put our clients clients in the limelight and gain some much needed publicity by grabbing the readers attention. However, I think a good Press Release often de;livers so much more than we give it credit for.

PR Photographer Elddis CaravansWith “Good News” often in short supply I think many people are lifted and encourage by a lot of todays Press Releases. It appears to me that it can go further than promoting any individual business or project and there can be more to a successful press release than just keeping the public informed of developments and investment. PR is nearly always good news! Stories that can help many in the region smile and feel better about where they live and their own prospects.

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