No More Priovia!

Fujifilm confirms discontinuation of four films

In commercial photography and advertising photography I have photographed so many fantastic products, subjects and locations over the years on both medium and large format Fuji film, (usually the slower Velvia) it is quite sad to see one of the Fujichrome films that had so much depth and was so rich in colour go out of production. While I feel this was the ultimate in quality for a fast film, to be honest I can’t remember the last time I had a pack of this in the fridge.

I’m sure I remember  disposing of, or giving away hundreds of pounds worth Provia and Velvia that was years out of date, and I fully understand why Kodak closed its factory with 2 years of stock available and now Fuji are having to take similar steps.

All I can say is that, while I enjoy the flexibility that modern digital cameras give me in my professional photographic work, (and the clients enjoy the huge savings in materials) I eagerly look forward to the day that digital can deliver the depth and resolution of Fujichrome films and they will. Following our recent investment on our clients behalf in the Nikon D800e for sharper images, I’m quite sure sure it will not be much longer at all.

Fujifilm Professional has confirmed that it has ceased production of four of its films – the Neopan 400 35mm black and white film, Fujichrome Provia 400X colour transparency film in the 35mm and 120 formats, the Superia 400 colour negative film in the 120 format, and the Reala colour negative film in the 120 format.

In a statement sent to the BJP, Gabriel Da Costa, product manager for professional film, says: “Due to the prominence that digital has in today’s society combined with a decline in global demand of traditional films, Fujifilm has had to make a difficult decision to withdraw a number of films from its range. There are still a number of colour transparency, colour negative, instant and black-and-white films available in our range.”

He adds: “We would also like to thank all our customers who have supported these film brands over the years.”

via Fujifilm confirms discontinuations of four films – British Journal of Photography.

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