Our New Medium Format and View Camera

Fujifilm GFX50s arrives at Allinsons Photography

A £12K investment for our clients

Anyone who follows our AP blog posts will know by now we are always looking to invest in new, or specialist equipment that helps us deliver our very unique service and the very best in photography for all our clients.

Last Month I set out to buy the new medium format mirrorless Hasselblad X1D but disappointment set in after seeing all of its short comings first hand. For example, an inability to work with any View Camera’s! So, I had to look for an alternative solution.

As soon as I saw the specifications of the brand new Fujifilm GFX50s and understood what it can deliver I immediately placed a pre launch order with Calumet Manchester to ensure we could get hold of it as soon as it was released.

While many still waiting for this camera, we have already had it out to work over the last three weeks and we have found the level of image quality and ease of use to be outstanding. More importantly the difference in quality is not so subtle that only we notice it! Already a number of clients have commented on the images we have been delivering.

This camera is amazing delivering the same, (if not better) quality and sharpness we have come to expect from Medium Format but with so much ease it sometimes replaces our Small Format Nikon’s on jobs, and that is not the best of it. The tonal range of this camera is amazing making for beautifully smooth transitions across the shadows and all the tones in our photographs. There is a smoothness were there is a shift in colours and sharpness that I usually associate only with our Large Format film work.

Of Course while Kevin is delighted at the prospect of shooting more advertising work at Radcliffe Photography on the GFX, I am far more interested in what can be achieved in product and architectural photography with the GFX50s when I fit it to a View Camera. That said, I can see Kevin looking over my shoulder at the New Cambo Actus GFX I just ordered, I’m sure he is wanting to bring all the benefits of a view camera back into his advertising photography.

Actus GFX at Allinsons Photography

Another New View Camera Cambo Actus GFX

I’m delighted to say within days of us taking delivery of one of the first GFX50s in the UK, my preferred View Camera manufacturer, Cambo announced the launch of their new Cambo Actus GFX designed specifically around our new GFX50s.

It was only slightly annoying that we had just purchased a new Actus for our Nikon Cameras (see last months blog) but after some negotiation that has now been returned and the ActusGFX is being shipped direct from Holland as I type this.

We will now have the perfect View Camera solution for every job when the Actus GFX, a lightweight portable Medium Format digital view camera joins the ranks with our huge and overweight but versatile Cambo Ultima 45 (5×4 large format film view camera) and Ultima D35 (Small Format digital view camera).

Other Investments from the Photography Show

While visiting The Photography Show at the NEC I tested and purchased some battery powered portable studio lighting at a “knock down show price” (well £500 off) while Susan attended some training with Adobe. Susan will start full time as our photographic technician in the summer processing most of our photography with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



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