We just got even Sharper with our NIKON D800e

Delivering digital photography that’s Sharper Than Ever!

newcastle photographer with a Nikon

At Allinson’s Photography we care about results and we care about delivering the sharpest and best images for our clients.

For almost 25 years I have continually invested in buying and selling the best photography equipment I possibly can, for your photographic commissions.

Video presentation via NIKON D800 – product video (English) – YouTube.

Already in 2013 I have invested in four new super sharp lenses and much more.

This week however has seen a big, (even sentimental) change at Allinson’s Photography as the last of the medium format 120 film only cameras is retired after 25 years of service and sold on to make room for the biggest, sharpest and best DSLR yet from Nikon.

Our new Nikon D800e with it’s huge 36mp+ sensor delivers near “digital medium format” quality  without the limitations and bulk of a larger format while giving me access to our vast arsenal of Nikon lenses and accessories.

Over 25 years investing in professional equipment

medium format professional photography from Newcastle upon Tyne photographerWay back in 1989 Allinson’s Photography started with my own personal professional Nikon F series and Bronica ETR cameras I’d owned for years and often loaned to the commercial photographic studio I was working for while I established the social photography (wedding photographer) side of my business. When I left that studio and Allinson’s Photography expanded its range to that of a commercial photographer I made a huge investment in Mamiya RB67 camera and lenses as well as lighting all the 35mm gear was changed to the smaller and lighter Pentax camera and lenses. A fantastic combination of professional equipment for any professional photographer to deliver a high standard of work as a commercial photographer in the studio, on location and as a PR photographer work that cost more than my house at the time, (House £17K – Equipment loan £25K ! And then there was the cost of the new darkroom. Equipment might still be a huge expense for all photographers but at least digital means what we have is so much more versatile, (my enlarger could not send emails, update my website or do my accounts & project management but the MacBook I run Photoshop and Lightroom on can).

When SLR went to DSLR the advantage was back with Nikon and Canon. Not only has it been great to be back with Nikon cameras, (a professional product I have trusted for years) it’s great to now own and use a Nikon that is simply the best DSLR camera, (arguably the BEST camera all round) available for the job of delivering professional photography from the studio to location and products and people to PR and weddings.

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