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Hidden View Exhibit

Allinsons Photography Newcastle StudioOur Hidden View exhibit was a great opportunity for us at Allinson’s Photography to invite clients and friends to visit our new studio space in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and show of all the resources we now have available following our recent decision to collaborate and work hand in hand with Radcliffe Photography.

This invitation to an evening of free drinks in the fascinating historic tower proved very popular, with people dropping in to the studio at all times to enjoy a chat and a drink while viewing some of Kevin’s photography, (much of which can often be found for sale in Fenwick dept store).

I can see us doing this again in 2017


Perspective Control at Allinson’s Photography


Professional view camera photography

I wanted to bring the precision and control of our large format photography to more people including new clients without the big budgets required for film and materials!

Following a lot of research I decided last month to invest in this incredibly versatile and adaptable “view camera” from Cambo. The modular design of this camera will allow Allinson’s Photography to offer customers with ever decreasing budgets a greater range of professional solutions at reduced costs without compromise.

So, let me tell you more about the latest investment I have made on behalf of you, our clients

For less than £5K this Cambo Ultima II system offers a truly modular solution and brings the same precise image control usually reserved for our large format cameras to the sensor of our Nikon D800E.

When it comes to delivering precision and perfection as a product photographer, architectural photographer, or advertising photographer, like many leading professionals I have continue to use a large format view cameras whenever we can. Only a view camera is capable of delivering the full range movements required on both the lens and film/sensor planes, anything else being compromise of sorts.

As a professional photographer you always want the most precise focusing, perspective control you can put your hands to. Our investment in this camera system not only delivers all this as a standard studio 5×4 view camera but also adapts to give our Nikon DSLR’s  the same full range of image and perspective control movements.

The many functions and applications of a view camera offer your photographer the widest range of creative possibilities

professional photography delivered with the precision of a digital view camera

The view camera, (or “old fashioned” camera as some of our less informed friends call it, because it has a bellows they think it’s outdated) has always been an essential part of my equipment arsenal, for over 30 years I have used Sinar cameras with a selection of quality Schneider or Rodenstock lenses. While advances in digital cameras together with the expense of film make it more and more difficult for many clients to justify the cost of this photographic process, the precision and control a view camera delivers remains very desirable and at the top of many Creative Directors lists.

With the View Camera, “Perspective and sharpness”, (two of our most important creative tools) are controlled and evaluated directly in the camera. As well as having the ultimate control at the very source of our photographs many subsequent computer manipulations together with the visible loss of quality they bring, are no longer required. Continue reading

Tower Studio open day and Hidden View

View of the river tyne and gateshead millennium bridge

We look forward to welcoming you at our new studio in the historic Sallyport Tower, Tower Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Hidden View Private Viewing

Check your inbox for your invitation or send us an RSVP:

You are invited to join us for drinks on Thursday December 8th 2016 from 4pm – 9pm and a private viewing of “Hidden View“.


Tower Studio Public Open Day

Alternatively if you do not know us well enough to invite your self to the private viewing, call in to see us at our new Tower Studio open to all on Friday 9th December 2016 12 noon – 16.00

Eventbrite - Hiden View and Tower Studio open viewing

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tower.

Allinsons Photography Tower Studio Newcastle upon TyneHidden View

A series of interesting images by Kevin Radcliffe on show in the Historic Tower Studio.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to view these incredible photographs in this captivating space. This historic Tower forms part of the old city wall.

Come and explore this unique building and enjoy the stunning cityscape.

We look forward to seeing you at our amazing photography studio:

A New Studio for Allinson’s Photography

the-secret-tower-iphone-photographs-1005More Resources, more experience, more creativity

The Story so far . . .

Earlier this year Allinson’s Photography worked collaboratively, or “lent a hand” on some projects with Bruce’s friend Kevin Radcliffe, an outstanding Commercial and Advertising photographer at Radcliffe Photography.

As months went by we found more and more areas where we could help and support each others businesses.

It has become clear that working collaboratively can easily deliver far more than the sum total of both businesses resources.

As Bruce and Kevin have worked very closely together in the past, (for almost 10 years in the same photography studio) it is no surprise that this chance meeting has resulted in the repeated pooling of all their resources and skills to deliver a more rounded and complete service to both Allinson’s Photography and Radcliffe Photography clients.

More Photographic experience and creative talent

Kevin shooting furnishings at The Tower StudioIndividually Kevin and Bruce are outstanding qualified professional photographers together they present an uncompromisingly complete team of technical and creative photographic excellence!

Allinson’s Photography customers are already familiar with the best in photographic services. However, while Bruce delivers very creative solutions as a commercial photographer, what he is best known for is the technical precision and compositional skills required for the likes of Architectural and product photography.

While Radcliffe Photography do of course deliver technically good photography across all disciplines what Kevin has always been best known for is a creative ability. Kevin is known to deliver the most outstanding and at times outlandish creative commercial photography for advertising and fashion. Clients return to Kevin again and again for the creative compositions, locations and lighting that he brings to their brief.

As qualified professional photographers with many years experience behind them they can both deliver outstanding results in any photographic field, discipline, or style, together they deliver absolutely anything the client needs.

Photography studio Newcastle upon TyneMore Photography Studio Space

Due to the nature of our studio work, (predominantly smaller products) Allinson’s Photography have not invested a huge amount in this area and while we do have some studio space and a significant amount of studio equipment and lighting the addition of what has to be the North East’s most impressive studio space at The Tower can only benefit our clients and expand on what is already a substantial service.

I’m sure Radcliffe Photography clients will also benefit from this shared studio space now having access to more equipment, more  lighting and of course our extremely versatile Technical View Camera.

More of everything Photographic

Going forward Allinson’s Photography will be delivering;

  • more qualified professional photographers
  • more experience and skills
  • a huge unique prestigious studio in a city centre location
  • more lighting and camera equipment including full frame and medium format DSLR’s to large format film and digital technical view cameras.

In our opinion it has been quite some time since the North East has seen a professional studio as experienced, qualified, well equipped and versatile as this.

Our collaborative working and cooperative pooling of everything takes two outstanding photographers and all their skills and resources to generate a single unique photographic supplier that is second to none in any field of photography.

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