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Food Photography has to be one of the most interesting forms of still life photography with such colourful dishes and an infinite number of ways to dress the photograph with props and backgrounds. Then there is the lighting, a mood changer in its self. Finally but perhaps most importantly there is the precise control of focus and perspective that only the skilled photographer using their experience with view cameras can deliver. All this experience, skill and specialist equipment allows the photographer and art director. or chef to choose exactly what the viewer will focus on in a final image that can deliver a powerful and complete message telling a story in a way that no other photography discipline can.

New technology experienced and proven techniques

professional photography delivered with the precision of a digital view cameraMuch has changed in the what you might call the fashion of food photography over the last 30 years with dishes that resemble art and still life sets that can take as long to source props and materials for as they do to dress and light the final photograph. The there is also the change of technology, or at least you would think there was, these changes are not as dramatic as you might think. The principles and skills of good professional food photographer have not changed much at all. The lights have more settings and 5×4 sheet film is often passed over for the cheaper digital alternative of an image sensor but the skills required to dress and light a still life using the precision available to a photographer with a View Camera like our Cambo Ultima II are still the main ingredient required for the best in professional food photography.

Professional Food PhotographerFood photography technique and method

IMG_0226.JPGAs professional food photographers we still look for total control of the lighting of course, preferably in studio conditions. What is even more important is the precise control a professional food photographer expects from his camera when working on these small still life sets. A view camera with all its movements provides an unprecedented amount of control.

Food in the Studio or on Location

At Allinson’s we have decades of experience in many photographic disciplines and are of course equally at home working methodically and precisely in the studio or out on location.

Our continuing investment in the latest professional view camera developments that can shoot both traditional large format film or digital, allows us to offer view camera precision for digital camera costs for those times when a budget can not stretch to the additional cost of materials, processing and scanning that come with the finer quality of large format film.

MS Wahington Muffin Break-1069When out on location, food we photograph might still be the subject of studio photography techniques or even portable studio lighting being used outdoors. This could be to bring a landscape or landmark MS Wahington Muffin Break-1056into the photograph. At other times we could be working on location within the clients restaurant, cafe or sandwich shop to deliver a similar professional look to products and services but working quickly with small DSLR cameras and available or portable lighting so as not to intrude on staff and customers.

Professional Food Photographs brings so much to a business

Professional photography brings desire and atmosphere to any marketing but even more so to food products and services. Allinson’s Photography can deliver the photography that will help sell your business. From atmospheric precise intricate still life food photography to a lifestyle photography of your working cafe or restaurant. Either way, you will find that professional photographs can give any business credibility and with it the look of a professional service provider who can deliver what the customer wants.

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