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professional product photographerPhotography that makes Products Shine

From “Hero” shots focused on; the brand name, the end user, or other feature to standard product shots, get in touch if you need to talk about how your products can look fantastic and stand out from the crowd, shouting out how great they are?

The Photography you need

Wether you or your client manufacture products or import products to sell wholesale, or retail from; high street shops, a chain of superstores or a website you need your products to look their best, stand out and shine. An experienced professional photographer can do all this and more for your products.

Professional pack shots and product photography from a professional product photographer will not only show your products in the best possible light, highlighting it’s best features but it can reach out to customers and evoke a passion and a need for your products and goods. See some professional Product Shots from Allinson’s Photography by following this link to our portfolio pages.


catalogue photographyThe Photography Allinson’s Deliver

For decades Bruce Allinson has worked on perfectly presented product photography and pack shots for a huge range of clients and high key product photographybudgets, delivering outstanding photography of every imaginable product from; outdoors and hiking equipment to valves and car parts, houses and furniture to fashion clothing and safety equipment, the list is huge. Allinson’s Photography would love to support you and your clients and invite you to buy into this lifetime of experience and skills that deliver on time and in budget both in the studio and on location.

Allinson’s Photographyselective focus with product photography has the skill and experience to deliver what you and your clients need when it comes to product photography and pack shots. From the ultimate “Hero” shot to fast and economic pack shots, Allinson’s delivers! We have the skills you need when photographing the finest and best products with perfect lighting and presentation in the studio or on location, (Hero shot) or when having to working quickly and through a large range of products in the studio, or in-store.

Product Photography methods

pack photographyThe Studio view camera is our first choice for product shots as it is the only equipment that will give the precision control we want to deliver to our clients.

The view camera lets us be selective with focus from choosing one single point of focus, such as the brand name or making everything sharp from front to back.

These professional studio cameras also allow us to get us to get, what appear to be, the simplest of things right and achieve a level of control in perspective and focus that is impossible with other cameras, (DSLR’s).

When we photograph a simple box or pack we shift the lens to show the top of the box while keeping the camera square and level so as not to distort the parallel outside edges of the box. we can also tilt the film or sensor plain to keep both the front and rear edge sharp even though the box is at an angle.

This appears nothing much to look at but it gives a clean and accurate view that looks professional and is impossible to achieve any other way without distorting pixels in PhotoShop

Combine these skills and methods of working any View Camera with years of experience in lighting a vast range of different products to confidently purchase professional product photography that delivers.

Please call Bruce Allinson today for a chat about how our professional photographic services can help promote the products your and your clients are selling.Product photographer


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