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Photographic Post Production Services

At Allinson’s Photography a professional photographer delivering creative skills and composition has only ever been part of the story.

From the very start in 1989 Allinson’s Photography had it’s own professional photographic lab.

Having our own photographic lab was the only way to retain full control of the whole photographic process and deliver the high standard of work that we wanted and our clients expected.

Our Colour and Black and White laboratory services produced work of the highest standard as the final process in our delivery of professional commercial photography. The service proved so good that it also complemented many other photographers work who were in the know and came to us for help.

Straight from Camera

Straight from Camera with traffic lights and yellow box on road

Technology has changed “the lab” – new tools, same skills

While processing tanks and enlargers gather dust we still want the very best in “processing” or post production.

This is still the final creative process of our photography and continues to be vital when delivering the best in professional photography.

At Allinson’s the skill set and the process continues to be in house under the full control and direction of the photographer and the client. Even with todays digital advances I would say, (on average) for every hour you see us working with the camera, we can work at least another hour in post production to get the very best out of a photograph,  If the processing was not a valuable creative process we would not spend our time on it.

Many of our agency clients understand the importance of quality post production or image manipulation and know the value of the most subtle of changes in colour or exposure as much as any “extreme” composite or manipulated image. However many of the new business owners we work with have not been shown the value that good quality post production work will bring to the photography they purchase. Please take a look at the examples of images taken directly from the camera and the finished processed photographs our clients enjoy.

You will see that our post production work can be anything from simple lighting and colour adjustment, like darkened corners to focus the viewers eye on the main subject, to the removal of distracting objects such as street furniture, drainpipes and alarm boxes etc.

While most of our post production work goes unnoticed by many of our clients our attention to detail has never wavered.

Bruce says “In the 80s we would always take a broom on a job to sweep the street and keep the cigarette ends out of our photographs, today not only can we take them out in post production but we will also remove a drain cover or even yellow lines from a road if they are a distraction.  A lot of the value to my work has often been what you do not notice or even see at all”

Professional Photographer Newcastle-1003

As well as lighting adjustment the distracting lampposts and shadows as well as many unsightly dirty marks on the building have been removed.Professional Photographer Newcastle-1004

Professional Photographer Newcastle-1011

As well as warming up the photograph with colour and lighting adjustments one of the cable supports from the foot bridge that cut through the subject has been removed.

Professional Photographer Newcastle-1012

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