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“The best part of being in advertising is that you always keep learning. Whether it’s was researching the world’s wildest foods around the world or putting those thousand pelicans together in one picture, it’s an incredible ride”. – Kalpesh Pantankar 

I’d like to share with you the link below to an excellent demonstration of how a professional advertising photographer can bring make your idea happen and bring it to life.

Maybe you believe the creations of an ex Saatchi & Saatchi art director and the budgets of Harvey Nichols puts these kind of campaigns out of reach of your business. Well, you shouldn’t!

These creations are well with in our experience and skill as your local professional photographers in Newcastle upon Tyne – Allinson’s Photography. In fact we have worked on campaigns similar to this for decades, (even in the pre digital era of photography) for many large brands.

As for brilliant campaign ideas, our North East Advertising Agencies have a wealth of talented creatives more than capable of developing campaigns that fit your business and budget.

The internet and social networking makes it FREE to publish and promote a modern advertising campaign and there are even new social networking businesses that can help you with it for a small fee – in turn this has driven down the costs of traditional advertising media such as press, magazines and bill boards.

I have to say “With over 30 years in this business I believe there has never been a better time to invest in an experienced professional photographer to help you promote your business!” – Bruce Allinson

Follow the link below to read more about Kalpesh Pantankar Art Directing Photography.

Then Call Bruce Allinson at Allinson’s Photography to chat about what a professional Advertising Photographer we can do for your business.

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