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Professional Product Photographer

This month has seen more of everything, more clients and more work in and out of the studio.

With lots more customers new and old benefiting greatly from my investments last year in new equipment, such as our new technical view camera from Cambo, (for precision control in the studio with product photography and on location with architectural photography etc.) and our 50 foot mast, (for elevated photography).

Cambo UltimaII 35D

Investing thousands in equipment is never an easy decision, (as I’m sure most of you will know) but it can be especially difficult when so many professionals around you are simply not bothering. Are they cutting corners, or is it me being fussy and too critical of the quality of service I want to deliver? Am I investing in my clients, or spending unnecessarily?

Either way, I do know exactly what it is that I want to deliver for my clients.

I’m here with my small business to support their business and use my specific skills, knowledge and experience to make their product or service look it’s absolute best.

So often, it’s a case of the bigger the budget the easier it is to deliver the best in photography but whenever possible I like to see the same high caliber of work being delivered to Start Up and SME businesses. While they tend to have smaller budgets I would say that, if anything, they have an even greater need for the best photography if they are to successfully market and advertise against bigger and richer competitors.

So, here is where I look when when making such difficult choices. It is often my desire to deliver the same standard of excellence for all clients and budgets whenever possible.

Professional Food Photographer

The Cambo Ultima II has been for this business and our clients all that I hoped it would be.

This unique camera, (hybrid if you like) has allowed me to deliver the same precise work enjoyed by clients with a budget for film to a wider range of businesses with smaller budgets.

Professional view camera control with a DSLR

For me any large format camera means that the focus is exactly where I want it, the geometry is exactly where I place it and I do this all in camera not photoshop, so no stretched, distorted or damaged pixels. Essentially this camera is a large format 5×4 film camera but with a micrometer style precision that makes it practical to fit a smaller format digital solution, (such as a digital camera back, or even our high resolution Nikon D800e, see photo) where the film holder would usually be.

Result:  professional “technical view camera” control and no materials (film costs)

cambo ultima 35d with nikon d800

Large Format Camera control for DSLR rates

You might not think this is no big deal after all what is a bit of film on the bill, even for those with the tightest of budgets. However, when I tell you the matrial costs (film, process and scan) are now in the region of £30 – £35 for each sheet of film you can see the savings are not insignificant. For an SME. Just 20 product shots will give a saving of £600 or more. For many the cheaper solution has been for the photographer to use a digital SLR suffer the restrictions and limitations that come with this and make most of the fixes in Photoshop and this is a solution, it will save some money but it fails to deliver the same precision and high standard of professional level of results you get form a view camera.

Here I have invested in a professional Technical View Camera that delivers the same precision photography with or without film. No wonder our clients like it!

Interested in bringing Large Format Photography control to your modest photography budget, or would you like to make some big savings on your materiel costs in your huge photography budget?

Please call me for a chat or we could have a coffee to discuss what my skills with techincal view cameras and experience as a professional photographer delivering all aspects of photography can deliver to support your business.

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