Do people BUY results and lifestyles not products and services?

This short film is actually an advert called ABROAD

Shot in 2012 by filmmaker John Lynch. The creators of this short film have called it an “anti-commercial,” because, while it is an ad for the Pentax K-5, you don’t actually see the camera not even once.

While an interesting film, well shot and well presented as an advert for Pentax you will find the camera is identified in the dialogue, (all be it very briefly) as the tool with which this compelling story is shot — no more and no less. Yet, you could argue that this short film does more to recommend Pentax as a brand than any product featured commercial could.

As a small business this is perhaps a lesson you already know. However, when we invest our time and money in the detail of our products, or services it’s easy forgotten as we feel the need to advertise and feature these details together with great USP’s we have worked so hard to develop.

While build quality, features, details and USP‘s are of course very important in marketing, I think this ad helps us understand that in advertising the focus of your message can be as far from product specifications as our imaginations, (or those of our creative advertising agency) will allow.

As a commercial photographer in the advertising industry the brief we get from the advertising agency is more often than not to give them evocative images that show a desirable lifestyle choice other desirable end results that can be achieved following a purchase. A product or service may or may not feature in the photograph as the concept and what a customer can acquire though their purchase becomes the focus of what is being sold.

There are people more qualified than me to discuss this with but I just wanted to remind all our startup and SEO‘s clients and friends this short lesson on what they are selling. I know that personally I easily forget this and find myself telling clients about our latest equipment or techniques when all they want to know is “will it look great?” and “will it help my business?”.

Do you keep selling your product or service and forget to sell the “results”?

I know I’m stating the obvious in this blog post but it’s easily overlooked by us smaller businesses.

So, for all you start ups and small businesses who can’t yet afford to invest in a professional graphic designer or advertising agency, when you next brief your advertising photographer, for those product shots, or service photography,  (that of course you will still need for your catalogue) you should also be asking for what is often called a “Hero Shot” to use in your advertising or the cover of that brochure/catalogue. A photograph that shows what your customer can become or achieve through their purchase of your product or service.

Show more of the destination and less of the transportation

Look at our much loved Scott Leathers advertising photograph or Hero Shot below:

  • Can you see the detail and quality of this racing leather suit with its double stitching or that it’s made to measure by skilled British seamstresses?
  • Can you feel the romance and excitement of what it would be to belong to a very British tradition of classic motorcycle racing on a Cafe racer?

The photographs of the clothing and details of quality will be I’m sure on fact sheets and maybe in brochures. Meanwhile, this photograph on the FB and twitter Headers and posters makes you want to “buy into” (as they say) of the style, heritage and excitement of british motorcycling even if you ride a modern Japanese sports bike.


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