Investing in Professional Product Photography

Understanding what a Professional Product Photographer delivers

Please take a look at this video to better understand what you should expect from your professional photographer and why so much time can be invested into one product photograph.

Professional Lighting of your products is everything

While this is a lighting tutorial is aimed at photographers I think clients will find it very helpful when wanting to better understand the photography service that matches their specific needs and the time/costs involved in delivering the results they need for their products.

Better understand the photography service your investing in

If you would like to have a better understanding of why your professional photographer needs to value the best quality professionally photographed product shots at a higher rate than you expected then you should take a look at this. It will help you understand the care and attention to detail as well as the time spent in experimentation with lighting that has to go into every well executed product photograph.

Why you should use a Professional Product Photographer

Your business will need you to invest in something of quality when;

  • you need photography that reflects the quality of your product and/or brand.
  • you need Professional product photography that shows/explains/delivers your USP.
  • you need a well thought out and professionally photographed image to evokes emotion in the viewer as well as a great desire to purchase.

I recently came across this great tutorial from Broncolor Lighting and Karl Taylor demonstrating the work that has gone into lighting and photographing a shoe I think it shows well just how much time and effort your professional photographer will give you and how the more time spent the better your products will look.

Please take a look around the portfolio, website and the Blog Posts to see how I use a professional Technical View Camera the Cambo Ultima II to deliver best quality Product Photography and my continued investment in product photography services.

Why would you use a cheap “price per product” photography service?

I receive many enquiries from “potential clients” after they have found my product photography in the Allinson’s Photography website Portfolio and Photographers Blog. Often these enquiries are from new importers of low value products and not the advertising or marketing professionals that book photography on a daily basis. As such, they can struggle with the concept that a professional photographer would charge more than £10 per product/photograph they have see advertised online yet alone a daily rate for professional services.

I hope that blogging this video helps some people better understand the value of professional product photography and helps others better understand the photographic requirements of their specific products and business.

I do understand that many ecommerce sellers with cheap low value Chinese products and no brand value to deliver have a business model that can not afford the cost of “professional product photography” and for these businesses there are a lot of people with cameras out there who will deliver cheap photographs using light tents and other simple flat lighting solutions. It’s true that you do get what you pay for in photography and as long as your expectations are not to high these services can be good for these “stack em high sell them cheap” brand less businesses on eBay etc.


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