An Elevated Easter for Allinson’s Photography

arial photography of property

Photographers Show the Whole Picture

Leading Yorkshire Estate Agent Carver Residential came to Allinson’s Photography last week asking for our help. They needed an elevated photographer to help one of their clients just outside Yarm in North Yorkshire.

Ground level photograph of property

Photographs from the Ground

While the usual close in photographs from ground level gave a good representation of this large detached home, when you step back to try and show how it is situated in the surrounding countryside there were problems. As you can see from the ground level photograph here you can hardly see the house and little more of the countryside.

Close in views could not show the position of the house, as far as anyone looking at photographs knew it could have been in the centre of a huge housing estate. Stepping back to show it’s surroundings only gave you a view of the trees and hedgerow.

setting up elevated photography mast

Elevated Photographs

Allinson’s elevated photography service (the “camera on a stick” as we affectionately call it) delivered by experienced professional photographer Campbell Sheppard allows us to show the whole picture from up to 50ft off the ground. Simpler and less costly than a helicopter, or even a Cherry Picker our elevated mast photography is an affordable and effective solution and a great alternative to Arial Photography.

Portable enough to fit in the tightest of spaces our photography mast might be a little heavy but it takes very little effort to cross footpaths and fields to set up in the best location. All we needed to help the client is permission and access to the surrounding fields and paddocks and a still day, (it gets a bit windy 50ft off the ground).

Our Morning in Yarm

While you would think a brighter day might be good the flat light on this day worked very much to our clients advantage as both sides of the house had an even light with no hard shadows to hide the properties features, allowing us to shoot both elevations in one short visit.

The Estate Agent had already provided good views of the home inside and out. So, our job was to show how the property sits within the surrounding countryside.

A combination of the view 50ft above ground level and a professional wide angle lens not only shows from the front of the house the surrounding fields but you can see the local Manor House sitting in the vale behind and the fields behind that with distant horizon beyond.

arial photographer

While the view from the rear of the property may not be quite as picturesque it illustrates well how far down the lane the house stand from the village and again the surrounding fields at the front and distant horizon.

Only when viewed in this way can a photograph of this property give you the real feel of country life and country living.

This £120 commission for elevated photography is great value for the client and a small price to pay for photography that not only gives potential buyers the whole picture in a single photograph but also provides you with the most eye catching of views of a property. Our elevated photographs are something that stand out from the crowd in your estate agents windows on websites and in your news paper ads.

It was a bit of a drive and bitterly cold day to be working when everyone else was relaxing on their Bank Holiday. However, it was a joy meet with yet another very satisfied client and do our very best to help them provide their Estate Agent with some fantastic images that will show off and promote the wonderful location of their house.

Your property or business can benefit from a view showing “the whole picture” give us a call today!

It’s not just homes that benefit from this unusual view it can make photographs of your fleet of vehicles, commercial property or even a photograph of staff very eye catching and unusual helping you and your property or business stand out from the crowd.

Call or email today for a great alternative to expensive Cherry Picker and Helicopter hire.

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