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Some diversity in this months photography services

May is the busiest month yet in 2015

May has been a very busy and to be honest exhausting month. Following a number of large investments in studio equipment, (a few thousand on view camera lenses) the diary has of course not been filled with the product shots, landscapes, or architectural photography that would benefit directly from this investment. Typically I have delivered every conceivable service that has no need for said equipment.

At least I found some time to test one of the lenses, using the Cambo Ultima II 35D to capture the Tiny Photographer shooting some horses, or chess pieces as we would call them.

You can see here, that despite the massive enlargement, the precision control you get from the movement on this incredible view camera

Neither of these chess pieces are at the same distance from camera as the Tiny Photographer, (one in front, the other behind). Yet I can control precisely what I want with the Tiny Photographer sharp in both images while I use the cameras movements to choose which chess piece is also sharp.

And the new lenses, yes with digital they are that much better sharper than those that are designed for film.

View Camera photography

My range of work as a Commercial Photographer

Instead the work that has filled the diary has been a huge cross section of different clients across a divers range of photography disciplines, though all straightforward enough each with their own unique creative and logistic challenges.

Motorcycle racing photographsSports Photographer

The second round of the North East Motorcycle Racing Club Championship has seen me up at East Fortune for the first time this year photographing one of my favourite sports. All these images from the Sunday are available to purchase prints or download for free.

location photography

Location Photographer

This month a new client has had me running around the country photographing Bus Shelters of all things. It might not be as exciting but the clients brief and the budget holds it’s own challenges, this needed a lot of creative input and even some new methods of working to deliver on some very specific needs.


elevated photographyElevated Photographer

The mast continues to be in demand for commercial properties but a recent increase in requests for residential elevated views of houses for Estate Agents means we have developed more simple and streamlined solution for this. We are about to roll out a new price package specifically for Estate Agents with residential elevated photography prices starting at just £67. This is a fee that is not only easy to afford/sell but fits in with what we have found to be the perceived value if the service by most vendors.


Elevated Photographer and property photographerEstate Agents call me now, or keep an eye open for the full price package coming to our website soon.

PR photography for NECC memebrsNorth East Chamber of Commerce (NECC)

The “Member to Member” offer I created to help other North East businesses has continued to be take up despite it running out! Well who wouldn’t want a half price PR photographer even if it is only for your first Job. I hope to do another offer for North East Chamber of Commerce members soon.

In the meantime it was a delight to support Taeda when the phoned and honour their out of date offer code. I had a very interesting time at their centre and was so pleased to support this fantastic project.

PR PhotographerPR Photography

From memory, (and it’s not great) I would say the rest of the month was packed with the usual regular clients booking in lots of PR photography. I love the PR work, it can at times be very urgent and frantic with a range of different brief’s and demands from clients but you then to meet some great people with some weird and wonderful projects or business ideas.

What stands out from the last month was the business men who are bringing back Castle Eden Brewery name and beers. This is a massive investment and deserves to do well.

Then their was the simple but effective challenge and fundraiser by Pennine Conservatories, why would yet another fundraiser stick in my mind? Well it was for the Great North Air Ambulance and I could not help but make a small donation myself, well its all for a good cause:

You do a lot for charity Smashy?  . . . I don’t like to talk about it Nicey!



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