PR photography our “bread and butter”?

PR Photographer Gateshead

PR Photography with Wayne Hemingway at Staiths Cafe, Dunston Gateshead

We continue to go out every week to deliver work as PR Photographer. Working for banks, blue chip companies and some leading national specialist PR Agencies from across the UK. While this work commands our smallest fees because they reflect the smallest amount of investment for my business with comparatively low cost and low maintenance equipment. However, it continues to be a very important and regular revenue stream for Allinson’s Photography.

While we are not PR specialists it remains a very popular service with clients booking regular work from repeatedly, you might say it is our bread and butter.

I must admit I’m always delighted to book the PR jobs into my diary, the work so varied and interesting, no two jobs are ever the same. While, (after such a long career) I might not find this work very technically challenging, the variety of; locations, people and types of business you get so see cannot fail to hold my interest and add enjoyment and colour to the working week.

PR Photographer Sunderland

PR Photography in Sunderland

While there is a lot to be said for the challenges in advertising photography or set of catalogue shots with some expensive and complex equipment as well as complex lighting to master in order to deliver precision work. When you also consider that it commands higher fees can be a great boost for the business, (when they are not being re invested into the purchase or maintainence of equipment) you could be excused for thinking I would want to do little else but PR Photography is always interesting, sometimes exciting and the small but steady fees give the business a sound foundation with the same clients repeatedly purchasing the same service from every week or month year after year.


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