A Belated Happy New Year to everyone

Newcastle upon tyne Professional PhotographerHere is 2014 our 25th year In Review

So, here is the turn of another year in our 25 year old business! A point in the year where we traditional review the last 12 months and look to the future. Well, I’m no fortune teller, (except to say the diary remains very full of a wide range of commercial photography jobs) but I do know what we did last year. Before getting into a brief overview of 2014, I’d like to thank all our clients old and new for a very exciting and entertaining 2014 – lets do it all again this year!


New investments throughout 2014 have included; the very versatile Cambo Ultima II, a new 50 foot mast with remote head, additional studio lighting and some fantastic new german glass from Schneider! Lets face it there will be loads more I have forgotten about, photographers just keep buying gear it’s in our DNA.

The Cambo Ultima II camera is a significant investment for me to be making on behalf of Allinson’s Photography clients. This replacement large format camera allows us to continue shooting 5X4 film for precision studio and location work that needs the highest quality and resolution as always. However, (and here is the clever bit) in addition to 5×4 film we can now bring the same exacting precision, that you can only achieve with a “technical view camera” to our digital sensors, even the Nikon D800e can be fitted to the back of it. Clients no longer need to spend a small fortune on materials when there demands and requirements require the movements of a view camera.

Already clients who need this high standard of work but struggle with the cost of materials have been delighted with the results obtained. You can read more about this camera in the Blog here

Professional view camera photography


As for the mast well a simple no brain investment, the regular use of drones in TV shows has only made elevated photography all the more popular and a mast with a huge 36mp camera gives outstanding results, the demand for this work continues to grow week by week.

Allinsons Photography Low Fell


Allinson’s Photography Photo Book

Some of you may have been in a position to view the new photo book I published in 2014. It was a fun and exciting way to circulate examples of work and it was going the rounds for several months being left at a number Agencies for a week at a time complete with a packet of KitKat for staff to flick through with a coffee at their convenience.

If you would like some free KitKat’s, I mean if you would like to thumb through a hard copy of the book just let me know. You can see a digital version published through Blurb below.

Will you please take a look through our Book?

More Clients in 2014

The number of fantastic clients continues to grow through referrals from the people I have worked with and continue to work with. With this growth, the cross section of work becomes more diverse and more exciting year on year. Just as I start to believe I have shot everything you can shoot in my 45 years of working in professional photography something new is asked of me. This year? well it was Boxing. It’s an available light (very low light) fast moving affair with a whole set of very specific technical challenges, and while, as many of you know I prefer my sport with engines or balls the challenge of stopping action in dark concert halls certainly keeps my interest.

MS - Boxing Dinner Nov 2014-1566

Good Causes

In 2014 I focused on sponsoring and supporting the charity challenge “Arctic Ride 2014”.

Newcastle Photographer Allinson's Photography Sponsors Arctic Ride 2014

Gordon Stuart rode his Suzuki Motorcycle with our little AP (Allinson’s Photography) logo on board to the Arctic Circle and back. In doing so we are pleased to have played our small part in helping Gordon Raise much needed funds and awareness for Cerebra. It’s not to late to donate you can do it here online.

I’ve yet to select a cause to support this year, if you have a good cause that might be of interest to me and would benefit from some photography throughout 2015 have them get in touch.

I’m sure I’ve missed some very important aspects to last year but that’s as I remember it I hope your year was as interesting and enjoyable for you and let me finish by wishing you all the best for 2015. If you think I can support or help your business in any way please drop me a line.

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