Confidential Commercial Photography

It’s confidential and this is all we can show you!

confidential commercial photography

While much of our work in Advertising Photography and PR Photography is shouting about the latest event, product, service or concept every month we also shoot a lot of work that has to remain so confidential that our clients insist that we tell no one.

We are off course delighted to help with their photographic requirements and keep quite for the sake of their business interests.

In May we visited several locations that we just can not tell you about, or show you. Unfortunately for us, some of the work we did at these sites was outstanding. It’s only natural that we might want to show everyone when we have done a job so well, but we can’t.

Here is one photograph we can show you! A generic non descript photograph of a sad little bear that we shot on site, It’s quite poignant as he looks as sad as we are that we can not show you the best from these commissions.

So, instead of posting news about how fantastic our professional photography services are, this particular post will have to be about how good we are at keeping your industry sensitive and confidential photography secret. And I have to say we are very good at keeping secrets so much so we don’t even mention some of our clients names yet alone the work we do for them.

Business is full of designs, ideas and concepts that at times need to be kept secret for many reasons. Allinon’s Photography has had the privilege of working within many industries over the last 25 years shooting and processing confidential images of everything from new and prototype car designs to sensitive military equipment.

Whatever you industry you can be confident of both our high standard of photography and when required our complete secrecy.

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