Our latest technical photographic solution

Our New View Camera is on it’s way

Our Cambo Ultima Technical View Camera has and will continue to deliver outstanding photography for our clients.

The Ultima has more movements available than most technical cameras and wants for nothing when we are delivering our best photography.

However, some of you might have noticed the Ultima has a lot of something else; size and bulk, it’s really, really heavy. At times it can be lot of hard work, especially when out on location.

A small lighter camera when in the field

The Ultima is a big heavy camera to take out in the field.

The Cambo Actus has most of the features and movements of our Ultima but it is, (as you can see) very compact and lightweight. This should make our new camera quick and easy to use on location.

Talking less time to deliver the same results will bring the cost of using the best technical solutions for architectural photographer and Product Photographer within the budgets of many more commercial clients and across a wider range of photographic disciplines and styles. Just perfect for our clients commercial work here at Allinsons Photography.

A quick and easy access to creative techniques

If that was not impressive enough, (I know it’s not that exciting but I’m always impressed by good technical photographic solutions) we believe that the ease of use this camera offers will make many complex creative applications more readily available. Such as, “selective focus” techniques giving us a wider choice of easily applied creative techniques on many more jobs.

This camera is just perfect for those days at Allinson’s that are full of creativity and I know our colleague Kevin from Radcliffe Photography will get so much out of this camera for all of our client’s.

A more versatile technical solution

This is not the first time Allinson’s Photography has looked to Cambo for our technical view camera solutions. The precision control of all the movements within a fraction of a millimetre makes it an easy choice. Also, unlike the many tilt shift solutions presented to us by the big brand camera manufactures, (who generally only support their own equipment) we find the versatility of Cambo Cameras very appealing.

Cambo always caters for our full array of camera sensor (digital backs, or digital cameras) and lens choice. An range of almost endless combinations are available to us with both our Cambo cameras. We can use just about everything we already own, or wish to purchase with these cameras.

My favourite combination for the our Actus I think will be our superbly sharp Schneider Digitar lenses (designed specifically for medium format digital backs) with the new medium format Fujifilm GFX 50S mirrorless camera when it arrives in March. Let us hope that Cambo machine our mounting plate for the new GFX very soon after we take delivery.

Cambo Actus from Cambo on Vimeo.

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